Hi! I am Faisal my friends call me "Abu Jojo", born in 1980 Married with 1 daughter "Aljoharah" or "Jojo" and 1 son Fahad I work in Marketing and started my journey in Photography in 2005. My dear wife is the one who planted this passion and trained me all the way :)

Mainly I like shooting Landscapes, Seascapes and Architecture. Also a weird interest is ABANDONED locations or decayed doors and chairs! 

There are many projects in my list I hope to get the time to do them all, but I am proud of starting one of them which is #Project_Smile where I snap photos of workers in Saudi and open a conversation with them and find a way to make them smile then share their photo with them. This brings me so much joy and happiness and make my day :)

Photography to me is a passion, and a way to open my mind for creativity and thinking out of the box as there is so much attention to details and timings required. I enjoy every single minute from shooting till post-processing, many of my honorable followers in instagram and twitter request some tips and hints about how do I actually do it, and I am planning to conduct some basic video toturials and hope to contribute to the photography space.